Hi! I'm Robert Radford, a fullstack web developer.
I work with both JavaScript and Python.

Creative and ambitious developer with experience as a Cryptologic Linguist in the US Army. Motivated heavily by opportunities to adapt to new tools and expand my skill set. Passionate about capturing ideas and thoughts and bringing them into reality as interactable objects.


These are a few examples of projects I have worked on. You can click on the name to view the GitHub repo related to it, or the image to go to the deployed site if one is available.

About Me

I technically started writing code when I was 8 with very low level Visual Basic in the Microsoft notepad app. When I was about 15 I transitioned to writing JavaScript instead, but still at a very low level as a hobbyist. I attended college for 1 year and it didn't feel like the right fit for me, so I took some time and served in the Army from 2015 to 2020 as a Cryptologic Linguist while I oriented myself in the world. During my last year in service I started to practice and learn Python as a language and for the first time decided to take coding seriously and learn it as a profession. To further that desire when I transitioned out of the military I took some time to attend Code Fellows web development regiment which starts you off with JavaScript and simple html/css, builds into more complex versions of the same topics, and then culminating with a deep look into a specific languages most important career skillset. In the final course I chose to go into the Python route and learned an exceptional amount about Django and the language of Python itself.


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